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 OSS Index

A free online index of software vulnerabilities and best practices. Vör Security provides both interactive and API access to our full database. Currently, OSS Index contains:

  • 1,350,000+ packages
  • 120,000+ vulnerabilities

You can search for packages and software, explore their vulnerabilities, and submit new vulnerabilities.

The OSS Index REST API provides full access to the data, allowing you to write new tools and provide integrations. All OSS Index provided tools are open source!


Open source auditing tools automatically identify software dependencies with their associated vulnerabilities. Our auditing tools currently support:

  • Bower
  • Chocolatey
  • Maven
  • MSI
  • npm
  • NuGet
With support on the way for
  • Composer
  • Drupal
  • dpkg
  • rpm
  • WordPress
  • Apache HTTPD


Professional and Enterprise licenses provide premium access and enhanced support. Access specialized data feeds to better support your needs.

  • [P] Priority data access feeds
  • [P] Research queue priority
  • [E] Enhanced priority data access feed
  • [E] Research queue priority
  • [E] Licensed to resell/distribute
  • [E] Custom development and support

By purchasing premium support we can set aside dedicated time to ensure your package dependencies and projects are always up to date with the newest vulnerability data.

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